CARBERRY RESEARCH - Family History Researcher & Family Finder Service
Privacy Policy:
We at Carberry Research will require our clients to submit personal information which will be solely used to undertake research in relation to your inquiry. We can confirm that your personal information will also be held for record keeping and accounting practices.
  At no time will your details be passed on to a third party, unless our client has specifically requested this. Any such request would be made in writing to Carberry Research.
  Our clients have the right to request what personal information we are holding on our records about them and amendments to inaccurate information can also be made.
  We can confirm that we do not subscribe to sending out bulk emails and we do not publish any research we have carried out for you on our website, unless you have permitted us to do so.
We are on the Register of Data Controllers.
We are regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998, to ensure that personal data is held securely.
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